Keeping it real and Keeping it positive.

Dealing with Discouragement.

Today is my first day to BLOG. I think I’m excited. Many of my friends BLOG and I like reading what’s on their minds. If you know me you know I like to share what’s ‘currently’ on my mind….so we’ll start with today..and what’s I’m thinking about this very unusually warm January day in Falls Church, VA.

Today I felt some discouragement. I’ve been praying for a while now that God would protect me from discouragement. I don’t like how it feels and what it does for me. So I’m not ‘living’ in the discouragement, but have to be honest, it was there. Here you go…

I woke up at day six of my COMMITMENT to lose weight and be healthier. Barry and I are TOGETHER doing a very sensible, low carb food plan. I’ve followed it to the letter..or I think I have..but not much in the area of results…so this morning I felt discouraged.

As I sat home and pondered this emotion I realized some things about myself…

  • I like fast results
  • I want to feel successful
  • I often don’t like to face my failures

What am I going to do about DISCOURAGEMENT?

  • I’m going to ask God to TEACH me from this emotion.
  • I’m going to STAY THE COURSE
  • I’m going to ‘put it out there’ and not live in discouragement.

The discouraged feelings didn’t last long…I refocused my thinking to what I need to do to stay the course.

In keeping with the THEME of this BLOG…as I look BACK in my life I remember that when I LIVE with my discouragement it pulls me down, makes me depressed and keeps the JOY away from me.

As I look FORTH…or FORWARD…I commit to the LORD, to MYSELF and to my husband…that I will stay positive and accomplish my goal of losing weight, getting in better shape and MOST of all being healthy so I can live a long, long life of Looking Back and Forth….


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