Keeping it real and Keeping it positive.

Dealing with Discouragement.

on January 27, 2012

Today is my first day to BLOG. I think I’m excited. Many of my friends BLOG and I like reading what’s on their minds. If you know me you know I like to share what’s ‘currently’ on my mind….so we’ll start with today..and what’s I’m thinking about this very unusually warm January day in Falls Church, VA.

Today I felt some discouragement. I’ve been praying for a while now that God would protect me from discouragement. I don’t like how it feels and what it does for me. So I’m not ‘living’ in the discouragement, but have to be honest, it was there. Here you go…

I woke up at day six of my COMMITMENT to lose weight and be healthier. Barry and I are TOGETHER doing a very sensible, low carb food plan. I’ve followed it to the letter..or I think I have..but not much in the area of results…so this morning I felt discouraged.

As I sat home and pondered this emotion I realized some things about myself…

  • I like fast results
  • I want to feel successful
  • I often don’t like to face my failures

What am I going to do about DISCOURAGEMENT?

  • I’m going to ask God to TEACH me from this emotion.
  • I’m going to STAY THE COURSE
  • I’m going to ‘put it out there’ and not live in discouragement.

The discouraged feelings didn’t last long…I refocused my thinking to what I need to do to stay the course.

In keeping with the THEME of this BLOG…as I look BACK in my life I remember that when I LIVE with my discouragement it pulls me down, makes me depressed and keeps the JOY away from me.

As I look FORTH…or FORWARD…I commit to the LORD, to MYSELF and to my husband…that I will stay positive and accomplish my goal of losing weight, getting in better shape and MOST of all being healthy so I can live a long, long life of Looking Back and Forth….

7 responses to “Dealing with Discouragement.

  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. Maria says:

    Hi Barb – good for you for starting to write and share your discoveries.
    As far as losing weight – the best tool out there is free – My Fitness Pal….google it. It has a huge data base – allows you to keep track of calories eaten (food) and calories burned (exercise)….it really does work.



    • Hi Maria,
      I enjoy your blog as well. We’re doing a low carb plan,our doctor wants us on low carbs and this really works for me and is easy with my busy life…just need to remember I’m not 40 any more and to be patient and stay the course…:-).
      Hope you all are doing well. Your grandchildren as ADORABLE!!!


  3. Agnes Gouesse says:

    i share this moment with you BArbara!!
    you are an exceptionnel lady and you will succeed!!


  4. Thank you dear friend.


  5. Debbie Glaser says:

    It’s nice to know that when we are in Heaven for eternity, weight won’t be a problem! Glad we have eternity to look forward to. I so identify with you, Barb on this one. Us short people are really limited in the number of daily calories we can eat. For me to lose weight, I have to eat 1000 calories a day or less…every five pounds I gain increases the size I wear! I worked through the “Born to Crave” series and it was really helpful in getting a handle on why we eat the way we eat and it gave some really good scriptural help. I am doing a thyroid study and found that when my metabolism is revved up I burn calories like crazy. When I take synthetic thyroid meds my metabolism screeches to a halt and I gain weight even when I eat normally. Funny, when my metabolism is in gear, I don’t even crave food. I think there is a strong link between how our thyroid functions and our metabolism which is the key factor in controlling weight. Just my personal insight…..


    • Thanks Debbie. All good thoughts. I’m using the Atkins low carb program. It works on the Blood Sugar principal, vs calories. I often would wish my thyroid were the program…but alas..it is fine…hehe. With the EXIT in my diet of sugar and flour my cravings are GONE and I’ve been to several ‘food centered’ events and not even a little desire to eat the sweets…so feel like that’s a victory.
      Hope you get a chance to read the other two posts on my new BLOG. Thanks for reading it.


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