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Batesville Casket Company

on February 1, 2012

Now I have your attention!

Today I was driving to get the oil changed on our car. As I turned onto the main street there coming toward the stop light was a truck with the words..Batesville Casket Company. For about 99.9% of those seeing that truck it would mean nothing..at least nothing personal, but to me it brought a big smile to my face. BATESVILLE CASKET COMPANY, I repeated to myself ,with a big smile on my face!

You see my husband and the person who means the most to me in my life..was BORN in Batesville, Indiana…HOME of the Batesville Casket Company! We used to tease him about it. Being BORN in a town that is known for caskets. But today it made me think about such things.

It made me think about how life and death are just a heart  beat away from each other.

It made me think that people born in Batesville, Indiana may someday be buried in a casket manufactured in their hometown.

It made me think about LIFE and DEATH…about how fleeting LIFE is and how REAL death is.

It made me think about my FAITH. How I believe in God and that I believe that because I’ve made a commitment to Jesus Christ as my personal Savior that, because of what HE DID I will pass from LIFE through DEATH to LIFE.

It made me think of those who have died that I MISS so much..so much…my grandparents, my parents, my aunts and uncles, my friends who have passed from this life to the next.

It made me think of friends who are dealing with cancer and war wounds and serious illness and that always, always humbles me as I watch them deal with LIFE…cherish LIFE…appreciate LIFE. I need to do that more.

It made me think about driving on to Fort Myer at least once if not more times a week and looking across at Arlington National Cemetery and giving thanks for those buried there who gave their lives for our freedoms. I wish I could thank them all in person, so I try to thank service men and women and their families who I know and who I don’t know.

Batesville Casket Company, Batesville, Indiana. I wonder where that truck was going? I wonder who will have to sit in a funeral home and select a Batesville Casket from a brochure to lay their loved one to rest? I wonder a lot…..about many things.

July 30th, 2010 a little boy was born in the Batesville Hospital..Benjamin! Benjamin is the son of friends of ours. Our kids used to babysit Benjamin’s mom and her sisters.

July 30th, 1950 another little boy was born in Batesville Hospital and he grew up to be the man of my dreams and has made all of them come true. So perhaps Batesville is known for the Batesville Casket Company to most folks, but to me, it’s know for the birth place of my wonderful husband!!!!

One response to “Batesville Casket Company

  1. barry willey says:

    wow…I m still in a bit of emotional shock and…joy…

    …..thank you, my dear…i love you. you have a gift…you really do…praise God……for you!!


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