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Lots of Coffee and Lots of Conversation.

on February 22, 2012

Today was a great day. I spent the day, literally all of it, with one of my dearest friends, Deborah. Deborah and I met in the 80’s at Fort Bragg. We were friends, but with our busy lives of raising young children, working full-time and keeping up with Army life we didn’t have much time to hang out, but right away we knew that we would be friends.

We both left Fort Bragg and lost touch. Oh those days before email and Facebook! We both moved a lot in the next few years. We went to Norfolk and then Tampa and after 3 and a half years we found out we were going to Hinesville, GA!!! I wasn’t a happy camper as I love CITIES and by anyone’s description Hinesville wasn’t a CITY and even the name wasn’t appealing. I was sure that I knew no one at Fort Stewart, GA. Shoot, I’d never even heard of Fort Stewart, GA!. I went kicking and screaming and am sure I left claw marks on the Florida State Line as we crossed into GA! We moved into our rental house and Barry started his new job. I went exploring. Not much to explore, but I went anyway and discovered a cute little gift/frame shop so thought I’d check it out. I walked in and there was my friend Deborah!!! I am sure I screamed and scared her to death. We had found each other again and this time a ‘real’ friendship developed.

A few months after we arrived at Fort Stewart our lives changed as our Division left for Desert Shield which was to become Desert Storm. All of us, except a very few very senior folks on post were post Vietnam and so this was the first time we had experienced a long deployment. Barry had been to Grenada in 1983 along with a few others, but that was not a long deployment.

During the 8 plus months our Division’s soldiers were gone Deborah and I spent time or at the very least talked on the phone pretty much every day. We both were night owls and often would begin a phone conversation after 11 PM and end hours later. We talked about anything and everything and just always connected. She was my best friend. She was always there for me, always wise and always trustworthy. I could tell her my deepest secrets and knew they were safe. She defined a true friend.

Deborah is the one who called me from a meeting to let me know she just found out Barry was on a plane returning from the Desert. Her words went something like this at 11PM when she called…’Barbara, Barry’s on a plane and will land in several hours. Get that house cleaned.” To which I replied..’Get over here and help me’. Which she did!!!

Not long after Barry returned our time at Stewart ended and we moved on to Fort Bliss for BN Command. In a time with no cell phone, internet or email and the mobility of our military lives we lost touch a bit, but it didn’t matter. I knew Deborah was my life long friend.

Eight years later Barry and I moved to DC from Tampa and guess what? My friend Deborah was here in DC. It was as if we had never been apart. Right away she was there for me…showing me the ropes, introducing me to new friends and once again I was so happy to be back with my dear friend Deborah!

Our lives cross here in DC for just a few months and she and her family moved to Fort Benning and we stayed in DC. Now at least there was email and we were able to stay connected more than before. We were able to see each other a few times between her move to Benning and today, but it has only been a few times.

Last week Deborah Facebook messaged me and said she was coming to DC for a week to hang out with her daughter and hoped we could spend some time together. I was SO EXCITED. I insisted we spend a whole day together so we could catch up. Today was that day! We talked and talked and talked. We share deep, Deborah and I. There are no topics off-limits because we are ‘safe’ with each other. No judgement, no criticism, just real, honest friendship.

It’s hard to explain how much today meant to me. I have many friends and each one makes me a better person. I learn from each one and hope I give something back, but Deborah is special. I can’t really explain it, it just IS!

As I look back I remember the years we have been friends….almost 30 to be exact. We’ve share many experiences together. Some made us laugh and some made us cry, but all made us better. As I look back I know that God put Deborah in my life to make me a better person and to teach me things I needed to learn and give me insights I needed to have.

As I look forward I know that Deborah will always be a part of who I am. She and I will always be there for each other regardless of the fact she lives in Florida and I live in VA.

As I look forward I commit to make time to talk to Deborah more on the phone and to make sure we keep current in each other’s lives.

I realized today, again, now much I value friendship. How the love of a faithful friend is of the highest value. I realized how two people, like Deborah and I, who grew up in very different worlds can find so much common ground and be so much alike on so many levels.

I am so grateful for today. I’m so grateful that it was spent drinking lots of coffee and talking non stop about things that matter. I am most blessed! Thank you, Deborah, for being my Forever Friend! The only regret I have is that I didn’t take a picture today!

4 responses to “Lots of Coffee and Lots of Conversation.

  1. Kim says:

    Wow, no picture? That is so NOT like you!


  2. eileenhull says:

    Deborah really is a special person. So glad you had the time together- sounds like such a nice day.


  3. barry says:

    Wow…another gem, hon…I love it!


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