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Lasts and Firsts…but first the lasts

on May 21, 2018

Yes that’s quite a strange blog post title, I agree…but it kept coming in to my head as I sat tonight in deep thought. Three weeks from tonight Barry and I will be in Savannah, GA at our nice hotel en route to our new life in Florida. But before that happens there will have to be the LASTS.

The past few weeks it started happening. I had my LAST visit to my dentist in VA. Many of you might be thinking how that couldn’t have been emotional. Who even WANTS to go to their dentist? NOT ME…or at least not usually, but this is different. Until meeting Dr. Har I hated even the word dentist. I would stubbornly not go and just deal with the consequences, but then in 2002 I chipped a tooth and my dear friend Paula Ann worked for a Dr Har. She told me I needed to ‘get right in’ or it would ‘turn black’. Well even I had a little pride and didn’t want a front tooth BLACK, so I fearfully went. He was amazing and for the past 16 years he has been my dentist. Even when we lived in New York I drove down every 6 months to see Dr. Har. I don’t THINK I’ll fly back from Florida, but I make no promises…but for now we’ll say it was my LAST visit.

Last week I attended my LAST Army Officers’ Spouses’ Club luncheon. There really isn’t enough space for me to share all that this group of ladies means to me. Since joining the club in 1999 until now I can honestly say it is where I met and made my dearest NOVA friends. Friends I will have for life. I served on the board, on committees and this year just was a member. I walked down Lee Ave on Fort Myer with  lump in my throat and a tear on my cheek as I remembered who used to live in those houses…Nancy, Karen, Lisette, Lhoryn, Jean, Karen, Paige…and so many others who became my ‘go to’ friends. We laughed, cried and did life together, along with the many others who lived all over the greater DC area. Then I add my International friends that I made through this great club. I literally have friends around the globe who have changed my life. Thursday was a HARD LAST...but thanks to social media and texting and cheap airplane tickets I’ll be back and those friends and I will stay connected because that is SO important to me.

Tomorrow I will have my LAST appointment with Dr. Roser, my primary care doctor. He too has been my doctor since 1999, except for those 4 years at West Point. He defines what a family doctor should be. He greets you coming down the hall, always reaches out his hand to say he’s glad to see you and with a big smile. He looks in your eyes when you talk, asks about your family and your job and all of those things that matter. He is GOLD and knowing I won’t have him as my doctor anymore is a very sad thing for me.

Wednesday I will have my LAST coaching call with Laura, my business coach…but more like a life coach, really, and now a friend. Having had Laura in my life since I started my Real Estate career has given me enormous JOY. She is the consummate encourager, cheerleader and listening ear. Whatever success I have had in this business is in large part due to her keeping me on track, telling me I can do it and telling me to keep on loving and serving my clients. I for sure can see lots of emotion at 6 PM on Wednesday evening.


As I watched Madame Secretary tonight and the last scene she and her husband sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial looking across to the Washington Monument I decided I need a LAST time in DC. I hope I can do it with Barry and we can look up at those strong, white buildings that represent FREEDOM on so many levels. I want my last look at our nation’s capitol and to remember all the times we spent enjoying it over these many years.


There will be other lasts in the next three weeks, but for now this just gives you a taste of my life. We’re excited about our future and blessed beyond words to be able to be closer to our kids and grandsons, but even with a life that has been all about LEAVING and STARTING OVER…those LASTS still get to me. Thanks for letting me share.

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